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Spring School for Young Neurologists

Scientific Programme

May 8-11, 2014


Thursday, May 8: Modern Neuroimaging


Jiří Keller, Prague, Czech R.

Introduction to MRI. From spin-echo to tractography.

Karl Herholz, Manchester, UK

Recent developments in nuclear imaging for clinical neuroscience

Luigi Simonetti, Bologna, Italy

Neuroradiological work up of acute stroke and its development


Jiří Keller

Applied tractography and other diffusion measurements.

Karl Herholz

Potential impact of PET on clinical decision making: brain tumors and dementia

Luigi Simonetti

Usage of CTA and MRA in individual cases


Friday, May 9: Movement Disorders

(lectures for this day are appointed by the MDS)


Alexander Storch, Dresden, Germany

Definition of PD - is it time for a change?

Wassilios Meissner, Bordeaux, France

Non-motor symptoms in the course of PD

Abdelilah el Barzouhi, Leiden,
the Netherlands

MR imaging of the vertebral column



Alexander Storch

Early and differential diagnosis of PD - practical issues and case demonstrations

Wassilios Meissner

Demonstration of PD cases with differential diagnoses

Abdelilah el Barzouhi

Correlation of MR findings with effects of lumbar disc surgery


Saturday, May 10: Acute neurology in ICU


Ronny Beer,
Innsbruck, Austria

Basics in ventilatory  care in neurocritical care patients  

Erich Schmutzhard,
Innsbruck, Austria

Sepsis for Neurologists

Bettina Pfausler,
Innsbruck, Austria

Acute bacterial meningitis with special emphasis on adjunctive therapies


Bettina Pfausler

Life-threatening autoimmune encephalitides with video

Erich Schmutzhard

Poliomyelitis: An old disease comes back: Polioviruses, West-Nile-virus, TBE-viruses and Co

Ronny Beer

Nutrition in neurocritical care medicine: parenteral?, enteral?, when what and how?


Sunday, May 11: Neurology in the world - present state and perspectives



Martin Rakusa, Maribor, Slovenia

Managment of pain in three typical outpatient situations:
1. trigeminal neuralgia, 2. low back pain and 3. painful polyneuropathie.

Alena Šteflová, WHO Prague, Czech Republic

WHO priorities in brain and nerve diseases

Helena Rösslerová, Lundbeck, Prague, Czech Republic 

Educational systems in neurosciences

Martin Rakuša, EAYNT

News from the European Association of Young Neurologists and Trainees





Participants can prepare their own cases for demonstration and discussion. Contributions to the optimal organization of neurological care, neurological services and postgraduate education throughout Europe will be presented.


Hotel Bezdez, Lazensky Vrch 216, 471 63 Staré Splavy, Czech Republic


This site is situated in North Bohemia, about 90 km from Prague, on the shore of the romantic Macha lake.


Wednesday, May 7th

The lectures are scheduled for the four consecutive days.

A half-day trip to Prague is planned.


Monday, May 12th


up to 120 participants

Eligible are all neurologists from European countries under the age of 40 (born 1974 or later).

Delegates nominated by their National neurological societies will be preferred; individual applications are welcome up to the full capacity.

Only participation for the whole course will be accepted.

Accommodation, tuition, board and programme are sponsored by the EFNS. Participants pay only for their travel.

All participants will receive a syllabi CD-ROM and a certificate after having finished this course.

Deadline of application
Both – the electronic and the paper documents must be received not later than

31 January 2014

Application must be typed, and not handwritten!
The maximal size of all attachments together is up to 5MB.
We accept documents in „Word, pdf, jpg“ formats.

Please send your documents by regular mail and by e-mail to:


EFNS Branch Office Prague
Magda Dohnalová
P.O. Box 35
Litevská 1
100 05 Praha 105
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 721 725 816
Tel./Fax: +420 26716 3563



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